L I N D S E Y  W I S N I E W S K I  

By theno1pick, Mar 27 2016 05:16AM

By Lindsey Wisniewski

It was the top of the ninth-inning and sophomore pitcher Ryan Hingst was almost finished pitching his first game as a Sun Devil. He had two outs and needed just one more to close out Arizona’s State 5-0 victory over Utah Friday at Phoenix Municipal Stadium.

But what came next, Hingst didn’t see coming.

“A lot of screamin’, a lot of hugs, somebody ripped my jersey off,” Hingst said. “I’m on cloud nine right now. I don’t even know how to put it into words.”

Hingst didn’t need to put it into words.

In a matter of moments, he pitched a fastball to Utah’s Dallas Carroll and a fly ball to centerfield was caught and ended the game. Hingst did it—he pitched the 10th no-hitter in Sun Devil history, all while striking out a career-high nine Utes and walking three more in Arizona State’s first Pac-12 win of the season.

The last time a pitcher completed a no-no was former left-hander Ryan Kellogg on March 23, 2013 against Oregon State. Just three years later, Hingst adds his name to the list.

Yet, the connection between Hingst and Kellogg run deeper than this shared accomplishment.

“I actually roomed with him for a little bit last year after they kicked us out of the dorms,” Hingst said. “We have a really good relationship and I’m probably going to give him a call right after this.”

But before Hingst could phone Kellogg, he was already tweeting about his former roommates big game.

“Congrats to @RWHingst on his no hitter tonight! #NoNo,” Kellogg said on Twitter.

Head coach Tracy Smith also chimed in on the right-handed pitcher’s stellar performance and his 121 pitches in the win.

“Thank god he got him on his last pitch because we were going to have to take him out,” Smith joked.

“What Ryan did on the mound was fun. I’ve been apart of those as a player but I haven’t been apart of those as a coach—that’s pretty special.”

Andrew Shaps and Brian Serven also played a significant role in Arizona State’s big win. During the top of the eighth inning, Shaps caught a deep hit to the center to hand Utah a crucial second out. He finished the game with two hits and one RBI.

Serven also finished with two runs on two hits for the night.

While excitement around Hingst’s standout performance will probably stick around the clubhouse for sometime, ASU (14-8, 1-4) will get ready to play again in its deciding game against Utah (7-13, 3-2) on Saturday at 12:30 p.m.

Smith says he hopes this win will help to get his team back on track.

“I’m hoping tonight’s a catalyst to kind of put us back in our groove a little bit,” Smith said. “I know this club’s going to hit.”

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